Inbox | Create New Email

Inbox | Create New Email


Inbox allows users to conveniently access and review all email communications sent by any contact associated with your company. Moreover, when creating an email within Commnia, any responses received externally will be automatically linked and saved alongside the original message. This ensures complete transparency for you and your project team, facilitating efficient collaboration and easy tracking of email correspondences. 


  1. External users must be added to the Project Contact List or Group to access the contact list of users belonging to the same project 


1. Accessing New Email

Navigate to the menu bar icon and click Inbox under Communication.

To create a new email, click on the New icon.

2. Select Document Category/Folder

Select the document category from the drop-down list, or type in the search box to find what you need quickly. The email form will change depending on which document category you select, for example, a Delay Notice will include delay duration and steps taken to minimise the delay.

To see how to create a Document Category/Folder click here.

3. Add Recipients

Start typing the name of the contact to display a list of users from the project contact list.

Note: The list in the recipient field is limited to the Project Contact List.

Alternatively, you can click on the To, CC or BCC button to display the full global contact list.  

  1. You can Filter Contacts by Job or any of the options in the Search box.
  2. You can also filter the list by typing a Keyword, Name or Company.
  3. Select your contacts by clicking on the checkbox next to the names of the contacts.
  4. Once you have made a selection click Add Recipients.
  5. If a contact is not already a part of Commnia, you are able to add them by clicking on the Create New Contact icon.

To see how to Create New Contact - click here.

The Send Privately function means that recipients from different companies will not see who else the email has been sent to.

4. Enter Email Subject

Enter a subject for your new email message.

5. Complete Dynamic Fields

Enter any required information into the dynamic fields.

The dynamic fields have been set up based on the email type.
i.e. For a
Delay notice, the default fields are Requested By Date, Advised by, Delay Duration and the option to include Addons.

Click on Addons to include a Standard Clause, Cost Table, Steps taken to minimise delay and Authorisation.

Standard Clause, copy and paste from a document, or insert directly from a custom template.

  1. You can Filter Standard Clause templates by any or all of the search options. The most popular filter is selecting a document category from the dropdown list.
  2. Select the template by clicking the checkbox.
  3. Click on the arrow to display the details of the Template Description.
  4. Once you have made a selection click Add to return your email.

To see how to create Custom Standard Clause Templates click here.

Cost Table will allow you to include a cost table with your email. You can apply a percentage admin charge which will add a fee based on the value of the cost table.

If you select Cost Table the following dialogue box will appear.

  1. Enter Description, Reference (optional), Qty, Rate of each unit.
  2. Select the GST option accordingly.
  3. Select Cost Status from the drop-down menu.
  4. Once Cost is entered click Add New Item.
  5. You can Edit costs by clicking on the Pen Icon or click the trash icon to remove it.
  6. Once you have entered all information into the cost table, click on Add to return to your email.

If you select Steps taken to Minimise Delay you will have the option to enter details by typing in the field.

The authorisation will display a new field where you can either enter the details of the authorisation or insert directly from a custom template.

To see how to add authorisation templates to the Inbox email click here.

6. Enter the Email of the Body

  • Enter your email message into the description field.
  • You can manually enter the body of your email, this field is in Html format meaning you can paste text and images directly from word or even your internet browser.
  • Alternatively, select from a list of Custom templates.

To see how to create Custom Correspondence Templates click here.

7. Attach Files

Files can be attached to the email directly from Commnia Drive, the document register, from your local device or drag and drop files with no restriction on file size.

To learn more about how to attach files to email click here.

8. Send Email

Your email signature will automatically be included in every email communication. You can edit your email signature by clicking on the edit icon.

To learn how to create and edit your signature click here.

Once you've entered all information for your email, you can Preview, Save it as a Draft or Send it.

If you have clicked to Send Privately the recipients will not see who else the email has been sent to. 

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