Create a New Contact | User Account

Create a New Contact | User Account

Follow the steps to create a new user account with Commnia.
Only System Administrators can create new internal user accounts.

To see who is a system administrator by company - click here.

1. Log in to your Commnia account.

2. From the menu bar, click on Contacts and then User and Groups.

3. Create New Contact

From the user and groups menu, click New then Contact.
A pop up will appear:

Enter the email address and the system will show suggested companies based on the user's email address. Select a suggested company and click next.

If a company is not found,  you can add a New Company, for instructions, click here.

Once you have selected or created a new Company, the following pop up will appear:

  1. Complete the required detail fields for the new user.
  2. To assign the user to a project, select the project under the Assigned Projects tab.
  3. Click Save to add this new contact.

The user will be emailed an invitation to Commnia with instruction on how to get started.

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