Standard Clause Template - Create and Edit

Standard Clause Template - Create and Edit

The Standard Clause Configuration is where you create and manage the Standard Clauses used when creating an email.

1. Accessing Standard Clause Templates

To edit or create Inbox Standard Clause custom templates, login to your Commnia account and from the main menu click on Communication and from the drop-down menu click on Category Contracts.

Alternatively, you can access the templates via the control panel.

2. View Templates

Each Standard Clause may be associated with a Document Category, Project and Contract Type. You can filter the templates displayed by clicking on any of the dropdown lists or searching by any keyword. You can start typing into these fields or select from the list.

If you would like to see the details of the clause, click on the arrow icon and it will drop the selected template.

3. Manage Contract Types

To manage the list of Contract Types, click the Contract Types button.

Here you can edit, disable or create a new contract type.

  1. Click on New Contract, scroll down to the bottom of the list and enter details. Click Save.
  2. To disable/Delete a contract type, click on the trash icon.
  3. To Edit the contract type, click on the pen icon.

4. Create New Standard Clause

To create a new Standard Clause, click the New Standard Clause button.

  1. Select a Job from the list if you would like to associate it with a project.
  2. Select a Document Category from the list if you would like to associate it with a document category.
  3. Select a Contract Type from the list if you would like to associate it with a contract type.
  4. Template Description, fill in the details to be included in the email body when this custom template is selected. This field is Html formatting which allows you to format the font, use bullet points & hyperlinks. You can copy and paste from any Html formatted document including emails, word documents or websites.
  5. Click Save to successfully add the new Standard Clause Template.

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