Create Custom Email Templates

Create Custom Email Templates


Commnia lets you create custom templates for your description in emails saving you time writing generic or standard messages.

Each Custom Template is associated with a Document Category.


  1. Only Administrators can create and edit Templates in Control Panel


1. Navigate to Inbox Templates

1. On the far right, click the cog and it will take you to control panel
2. Click on Inbox
3. Select Custom Templates

2. View Inbox Templates

To view any existing templates, click on the Custom Templates tab.

You can filter the templates displayed by;

Category Name by typing it or clicking on the Document Category dropdown list.

Search by any Keyword.
You can view the details of the template by dropping down the open menu.

You can have as many templates as you like for each document category.

3. Edit Inbox Template

To edit the template that is currently selected: Click on Edit.

1. Modify the document category if necessary.
2. Modify the subject Topic Name if necessary.
3. Edit the Template Description.
4. Click Save to save your changes.

4. Create a New Custom Template

To create a new template: Click New from the menu bar.

The following screen will appear.

  1. Select the Document Category this template is exclusively used for from the drop-down list or by typing into the box.
  2. Enter the Topic Name of the template that can be easily identified when creating emails, ie. Authorisation, latest drawings, further documentation, client acceptance etc
  3. Enter the Template Description message. Fill in the details to be included in the email body when this custom template is selected. This field is HTML formatting which allows you to format the font, use bullet points & hyperlinks. You can copy and paste from any Html formatted document including emails, word documents or websites.
  4. Click Save to successfully create a new template.

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