Attach Documents to Email

Attach Documents to Email

Documents can be attached to the email directly from Commnia Drive, the document register, from your local device or drag and drop files with no restriction on file size.

1. Attach Files via Commnia Drive

  • Click on Commnia Drive to open the Commnia Drive folders.
  • You can filter folders by Job or by Search Files/Folders function.
  • Select the relevant folder to view the contents
  • Select the relevant files you want to include in your email by clicking on each of the checkboxes, and clicking attach. 
Attach Files via Commnia Drive

To learn more about and how to add files to Commnia Drive click here.

2. Attach Files via Document Register

  • Click on Register to open the document register.
  • As a default, only the latest accepted documents are displayed in the list.
  • You can use the search bar including; Document Number/ Description, Document Types, Discipline and Upload Date.
  • You can access the advanced filter via Document Register Filter.
  • Click on each files checkbox to select, and click Attach to add to your email.

To learn more about Document Register click here.

3. Attach via Local Device

Documents can be added from your local device by dragging and dropping or clicking on the Local Drive icon. The file open dialogue box will appear. Select the relevant files, and click Open. 

Attach via Local Device

4. Attaching Forms

  1. Click Forms
  2. Select your desired form
  3. Click Use Selected Form

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