Create Simple Tender Addendum Email in Commnia

Create Simple Tender Addendum Email in Commnia

Commnia Inbox allows users to create Tender Addendums with its Email functionality utilising document templates and complete traceability.

A tender addendum email category should be marked with For Quote in the control panel as it will be considered a tender related email and will have the following attributes

1. Navigate to Tender Addendum Email

From the main menu via Quick Add (+) click on New Email.

Quick Add Menu

Select Tender Addendum from Category Folder.

Select Tender Addendum

2. Compose Tender Addendum Email

A new email message will be opened.

Compose Tender Addendum Email

Select Trade from the drop-down menu

Select Trade from Drop Down Manu

The subject will be auto-filled based on the trade you select.
Trade - Request For Quotation - Job Name and Number

Tender Addendum Subject

3. Add Recipients

  • Start typing the name of the contact to display a list of users from the project contact list. Alternatively, you can click on the To, CC or BCC button to display the full global contact list.  
  • If you would like to filter the contact list by Tender Status;
    • Select your project from the Job dropdown list 
    •  Select All Subbies sent Tenders, Subbies still on Tender etc from Tender Filter
    • If you like you can further customise by selecting the Trades from the dropdown list
    • From the bidder's list, selects the recipients.
    • Once you have made your selection, click Add recipients.
Select User Contacts from Contacts

4. Complete Dynamic Fields

You can apply a Due Date to your tender by selecting what type of action is required, and the date of when this action is due. 

Complete Dynamic Fields

Click on Addons to include Project Scope of Works, Standard Clause, Cost Table and Authorisation.

Complete Dynamic Addons
  • Standard Clause, copy and paste from a document, or insert directly from a custom template. To learn how to create a Custom Standard Clause Template click here.
  • Cost Table will allow you to include a cost table with your tender as per the below example. You can apply a percentage admin charge which will add a fee based on the value of the cost table.
  • Authorisation will display a new field where you can either enter the details of the authorisation or insert directly from a custom template. To learn how to create a Custom Authorisation Template click here.

The Template setup must be completed by a Commmnia Administrator.

5. Enter the Email of the Body

  • Enter your Email Message into the description field. This field is Html which means you can copy and paste directly from emails, web pages and images.
  • Alternatively, select from a list of Custom templates.
  • The templates listed will be filtered based on Tender Addendum templates You can view templates for other document categories by changing the template filters. 
Enter the Email of the Body

To see how to create Custom Correspondence Templates click here.

6. Add Attachments

  • Files can be attached to the email directly from Commnia Drive, the document register, from your local device or drag and drop files with no restriction on file size.

Add Attachments to Body of Email

To learn more about attaching files from Commnia Drive, the document register and from your local device click here.

7. Send Tender Addendum Email

Your email signature will automatically be included in every email communication. You can edit your email signature by clicking on the edit icon.

To learn how to create and edit your signature click here.

Once you've entered all information for your email, you can PreviewSave it as a Draft or Send it Privately.

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