The Document Register Overview

The Document Register Overview

Document control made easy. Commnia's' document register is the central repository of project-related documents with the added feature of document revision control; assisting you with ensuring all relevant project teams are working from the most recent revision.

1. Access Document Register

The Document Register can be opened from the following menus;

  • Quick Links/Document Register
  • Document Control/Document Register

Select Quick Links and click on Document Register.

2. Document Register Filters

As a default, only current documents are displayed in the list. The document register is broken up into 2 main areas; the advanced search options and the list of documents.

1.Advanced search options are hidden when you first open the page. You are able to show/hide this area by clicking anywhere on the Advanced Search Options label.
2. However for quick filter options the three most used search bars are always visible

  1. Document Number, Description,  filter by using keyword searches or Document Number, 
  2. Type, Commnia Document Register allow for the management for all document types. Some of the document types include; Drawings (PDF), DWG, Reports, Specifications etc.
  3. Discipline, Example; Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical.

2a. Advanced Search Options

All the items in the filter lists can be customised by your company, including; Discipline, Document Type and Status.

1. Document Register Progress Status - approved, pending or rejected documents. Click on the relevant checkbox to filter. You can multi-select these checkboxes.

You'll notice the button will turn orange and the padlock icon will show as unlocked. This tells you that the list of documents is not currently approved to be published in the Document Register.

2. Date Filters, there are multiple date filters available based on either the Revision Date, Accepted Date or Upload Date.

If you select a custom date range, the option to enter a from or to date appears. Click on the relevant date field and select the desired date.

3. Status, Example, DA Approval, Tender, CC Issue.

4. Upload Status also is known as the Document Register Status. Documents uploaded by non-document controllers, do not have access to the Accepted or Rejected Status. Documents are uploaded to the Pending Register waiting to be accepted by the Document Controller.

5. Uploaded By - Sent To  Select Company from the list to filter by the company that uploaded documents or the company it was sent to.

6. Reason and Revision click in the text box and enter the search terms to filter the list of documents.

The final filter options are to show My Documents, Deleted or Letter of Intent.

7. My Documents displays a list of documents that you have uploaded to the register

8. Deleted shows all documents that have been deleted from the register.

9. Letter of Intent will display all documents that have been added to the letter of intent register

2b. Document List

The Document List displays a list of all documents that have been uploaded to the register and meet any filters that have been applied in the advanced search options.

To download the document, click on the relevant download icon shown below.

You can also choose to view the document using the inbuilt online viewer by clicking on the magnifying glass icon (pdf and images only).

3. Document Details

The document auditing function is accessible from each document revision. Click on the expand icon below.

Here you can view details such as revision history, document history and the changelog.

3a. Revisions

All document revisions will be listed under the revisions heading including the revision date, number, status and reason for the update.

  • Current Register - Latest Approved/Accepted documents (B above)
  • Superseded Document (A above)

By selecting one of the revisions, Commnia will display critical document information such as who submitted the document and who approved the document to the register.

3b. Document History

The Document History tab shows any email communications where the document selected was attached. Below you can see that this particular document was sent as a transmittal as well as an RFI.

Click on one of the email communications to display the document recipients and first download date. This will confirm to you who has received and interacted with the documents.

You can view the full email by clicking on the View button next to the relevant email communication.

3c. Change Log

The changelog displays a list of changes made to the document such as document number, revision and document name.

The above information tells you that user Charlie Hunnams from the company "Clooney + Co Pty Ltd" has "updated" the Drawing Type from "Report" to "Schedule" on the "17/02/2021 04:52:51 PM".

4. Document Register Actions

The Document Register is also a place where you can manage the documents including uploading, modifying, downloading and deleting documents.

The options will display depending on your level of access and the document filters that have been applied. Before clicking any of the options, you'll need to select the documents by clicking on the relative check boxes.

4a. Approve Documents

You can view pending documents by applying the pending filter. Select a document that needs to be approved and accept or reject.

If you click on accept, it will change the upload status to Accepted.

4b. Reject Documents

If you click on Reject, it will change the Progress status to rejected.

4c. Upload Documents to the Register

You are able to upload documents directly from the Document Register screen by clicking on the Upload Documents to the Register button.

Click here to refer to the Upload Documents to Register training article.

4d. Document Options

You can add and remove documents from the Letter of Intent register by clicking on the Options button.

4e. Delete Documents

Select the document you would like to delete, then click on delete.

It will prompt you to enter a reason for deleting, enter any comments and click Delete.

Documents are not permanently removed from the register however they are flagged as deleted.

You can view deleted documents by clicking on the deleted checkbox in the advanced search options section.

4f. Edit Documents

Commnia Document Register includes a mass edit function for when documents have been classified or labelled incorrectly.

Here you can modify the Document Number, Revision, Description, Discipline, Type & Status.

To learn more about editing Documents click here.

4g. Download Documents

You can download the documents directly from the register by clicking on the Download button. There are a few options to choose from which will determine the filename format.

Click here to refer to the Download documents from the Document Register training article.

4h. Export to Excel

The document register can be downloaded to excel in a couple of different formats. Select your files and click on Export to Excel.

The Document Register version of the export will display a list of selected documents and their attributes.

The History of Documents Sent version will display a list of recipients for each document.

The History of Documents Sent Report will open in a new tab in a PDF format.

4i. Send Transmittal, RFI or Email

You can send the selected documents via a Transmittal, RFI or Email directly from the Document Register by clicking on the Send button and selecting Transmittal from the list.

Click here to refer to the New Transmittal (Inbox) training article for more information.

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