How to Download Selected Documents from the Document Register

How to Download Selected Documents from the Document Register

Commnia's Document Register allows you to select multiple documents and download them in different formats.

1. Access Document Register

The Document Register can be opened from the following menus;

  1. Main Menu / Document Register
  2. Quick Links / Document Register
  3. Document Control / Document Register

2. Select Documents

  1. You can use the Advanced Search Options to help you find the files you need quickly.
  2. Select the documents you would like to download, you can select individually or select all.
  3. Click Download and select from the dropdown menu of what format you would like to download - As Original Format, Doc No - Revision - Description or Doc - Description.
  4. The files will download in a zip file, click Open File to open the location of where the files are downloaded. You can move the files to your choice of storage location.

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