Tender Email Automation

New Tender | SmartGrid | Manual

Commnia Tender Grid has been designed to create your tender packages and distribute them directly to your project trade groups.

Request For Tender is created with ease utilising document templates, automated distribution rules & tender management.

1. Navigate to Tender Grid

Navigate to the menu bar icon and click Tender Grid under Tendering. 

2. Attach Files via Document Register

Click on the documents button to open up the document register.

  • As a default, only current documents are displayed in the list, click on Pending to see all documents.
  • You can filter via Advanced Document Register Filter including; Discipline, Document Type and Status.
  • You can either Select each document Individually or click on All to select all documents on the page.
  • Click on Attach to return to the tender grid with your selected documents.

3. Attach Files via Commnia Drive

  • Click on Add from Commnia Drive to open the Commnia Drive folders.
  • You can filter folders by Job or by Search Files/Folders function.
  • Select the relevant folder(s) you want to include in your Tender Grid by clicking on each of the checkboxes, and clicking attach. 
  • If you only need certain files within a folder click on each folder to view the contents

To learn more about attaching files from Commnia Drive and Document Register click here.

4. Add Trade Groups to Tender Request

  • The list of trades will default to any trades that are already associated with this current project.
  • You can bring up your trade groups from a previous project by selecting from the Project drop-down list or view Global Trade Groups by changing the Project field to All
  • You can Individually select the Trade Groups you want to include by clicking on the relative checkbox. Alternatively, you can click on the checkbox to select or deselect all trade groups on that page.
  • Click on Select to include them in the Tender Grid.

  • The number above each trade group tells you how many of your contacts belong to that group.
  • By clicking on this number, it will display a list of those contacts and the ability to Add/Remove any missing trade contacts. 
  • To Add Select the User/Groups to include by clicking on each checkbox, and then click on Select. 
  • Click on the ... (ellipsis) to Remove User from package or Delete User from Project.

5. Prepare your Tender Grid

Now you’re ready to start allocating relevant documents to each trade group. 

  • Firstly, if you decide that all trade groups need to receive all documents you can simply click on Send all packages to all trades.

  • You can also assign documents manually with several options as per below;

  • All Documents to a Single Trade/User Group. e.g. Here we have assigned all documents to the Access Consultant trade by clicking on the checkbox located under the trade name.

  1. You can assign One Document to All Trade Groups. e.g. assigned document A1103 - Rev: 1 - Drawing to all trade groups.

  1. You can add All Documents from a Single Discipline to All Trades. For example below we have assigned all Architectural documents to All Trades by clicking on the Architectural Checkbox.

  1. Assign Individual Documents to Individual Trades. e.g. individually assigning two Structural documents to the carpenter trade and one document to the Benchtops group by clicking in line with the trade and document panel box.

6. Create a Tender Package

Once you’re happy with your tender grid, click on Create Tender to prepare your tender packages.  

  1. Each Tender Package is grouped by the trade group. Click on the trade group name to expand the tender details.
  2. The Subject Name will be defaulted but can be changed by the user directly from this field. 
  3. The Tender Closing Date will default based on the project configuration held within the projected register. 
  4. You can Add Users by clicking on the + recipients button. This will open the project contact list, click on the checkbox next to each contact you would like to add and click Add users. You can Remove a User by clicking on the X next to their name.  
  5. You can Remove Document(s) by clicking on the bin icon.
  6. To add more documents click on Document Drive/Document Register. Select the documents you would like to add and click on attach.
  7.  Enter your Email Message into the Description field. This field is Html which means you can copy and paste directly from emails, web pages and images. 
  8. Alternatively, select from a list of Custom Templates.
  9. You can Copy Options to all tenders such as Closing Date, CC and BCC recipients, and Description.
  10. You have the option to DiscardSave as draft or Send Privately for each trade individually or Mass Send by clicking on the dropdown. The send privately function means that your recipients won’t see each other and know who has been invited to tender.  

To see how to create Custom Correspondence Templates click here.

You will see a message that says your tender has been submitted successfully and emails have been sent to your trade groups. 

7. Tender Package Email

Commnia will automatically send a Formatted Email with your tender package to the Trade Groups. This includes an attached pdf Letter, Project Details, File Download Link, Intention to Quote Yes/No and a Link to Upload their Quotation.

Responses are captured in real-time to the Tender Manager where you can advise your sub-contractors of their successful/unsuccessful tender. To learn about Tender Manager click here.

There are alternative ways to send Request for Tender Packages, you can also send with Email or with the SmartGrid an automated Trade Group/Document Assignment feature.

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