Create a New Company

Create a New Company

  • With Commnia you can create your own company CRM by adding your contacts into Commnia.
    If you have a long list of contacts you wish to add, email your list to, and we'll upload the list for you.
  • When you add a new contact to Commnia, the contact is initially added to the Directory. The contact will be available for all communication via Commnia such as sending Transmittals, Tenders Requests, Correspondence, Defects etc to the users who own the Commnia licence.
  • To make the contacts available to external users, add the contact to the Project Contact List or other groups you've created in your project. For instructions on how to add users to a user group or project contact list, click here.
  • Adding contacts is simple and fast. We have integrated the new contacts function into the Google database. The Google integrations mean you don't have to find the company details, such as the correct name, address and contact details. Have a look at how you can add contacts and companies to the Commnia CRM below.

1. Navigate to New Menu 

Navigate to the menu bar icon and search New Contact

2. Add New Contact

  1. Start by entering the new user's email address. 
  2. Commnia will suggest a list of companies this new user may work for. You can either click on one of these suggested companies or select an existing company from the dropdown directory list.

3. Add New Company

If the company is not on the global company list, click on Add New Company.

The Commnia New Contact form is powered by Google; once you start typing in the Company name, if the company is listed with Google, it will appear in the list. Select the company, and the details are automatically retrieved and added to your Commnia CRM.

Add any missing details required e.g. Trade and Company Category. There is a dropdown list to choose from or you can enter your own details.

You can add multiple trades for each company.

Click Save + Next.

The Company is now saved and you can add users to this company.

4. Add the User's Details and Permissions

Next, you’ll need to add the user's details and assign access to the relevant projects.

The new user can automatically be added to the current projects contact list by clicking on the checkbox. The User can be assigned to multiple projects by clicking in the Assigned Projects panel and selecting each project for the user to be assigned.

Once you’ve entered all the required information, click Save to create the new user. 

5. New Contact Invitation

The user will receive an email invitation from Commnia with details on how to access the system. To finalise the new user's account, the user must create a password. Creating a password is only required if the user plans to log into the Commnia website.

Commnia allows you to create a distribution list by using the Contacts function.
To see how to add the Contact to Project Groups List click here.

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