Upload Documents to the Register with MS Excel

Upload Documents to the Register with MS Excel

If you have the document descriptions in a spreadsheet, you can choose to import these directly into Commnia Document Register.

You'll need to download the spreadsheet template (available here).

2. Download Template via Document Register

Alternatively, you can access the template via Document Register.

The Document Register can be opened from the following menus;

  • Quick Links/Document Register
  • Document Control/Document Register

Select Quick Links and click on Document Register.

The following screen will appear.

Click on Upload Document to the Register.

The following screen will pop up.

  1. Click on Download Template.
  2. The template will be downloaded and can be opened by clicking on the file at the bottom of your screen.

3. Enter File Details

Enter the file details into the spreadsheet and save on to your local drive.

You'll need to enter the filename exactly the same as the file description saved in your device storage. This is to ensure that when you have uploaded the excel sheet and the actual files, can be married up accurately.

The file description, the reason for upload, prefix ( a word, letter, or number placed before the file name, for example, project code), and Doc No are how you would like the file to be saved in Commnia. See below example;

4. Upload your documents

Drag and drop your files or click select to open your internal storage to select your files.

  1. Select your Files
  2. Click Open

The files will be visible at the bottom of the page.

5. Upload Excel Sheet

Click on the Update from Excel to upload your excel sheet.

  1. Select your excel file and click open. 
  2. File Name Settings from your excel information will be automatically extracted and matched with the files you've uploaded.

6. File Name Settings

You can use the Find / Replace option to help assist you to make mass updates.

As per below example make changes to Doc Number by finding 'E' and Inserting the letter 'D' before E. So the new Doc No would be DE.

The N icon should only appear for brand new drawings.
If the documents you are uploading is a new revision, a link icon should appear instead.
If its revised documents, you will be only permitted to enter fields for Revision, Status and Progress. All other fields will be locked, you can unlock it by clicking on the link icon, which will save it as a new document and not a revision.

7. Enter the Document Classifications

Step 1. Select the classifications in the Select & Fill section

  • Type is the type of document such as a drawing, photo, BIM etc.
  • Discipline is the classification of discipline such as Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical etc
  • Status refers to the status of the document such as CC Issue, Issued For Review, Building Permit Issued etc
  • Progress advises the document progress. Some users will only have permission to upload in a review state until an authorised user approves the document to the register. Accepted will only be available to the company controlling the Register.

Please note, all dropdown options for classification can be customised by the Document Controller. If you require additional options, please contact them or any administrator of the project.

Step 2. Select individual rows or select all the rows at once to update all the rows.

Step 3. Click Apply to All Selected button to add all the information into the selected cells. Add or Edit individual cells if required.

Step 4. Click the Submit Selected button to submit the files to the Document Register

8. Next Steps

Depending on your role within the organisation, you will be presented with multiple options to further proceed.

After your documents have been uploaded to the document register, you can either View these documents directly in the register, add them to an Auto Transmittal or Create a Tender Package.

If you need to Notify others about the drawings you have just uploaded, select Submit with Commnia Email.

Full options available if you are the Document Controller

Limited options if you are not the Document Controller

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