Subcontractor - Guide to Tender and Quote

Subcontractor - Guide to Tender and Quote

Commnia will automatically send a Formatted Email. This includes an attached pdf Letter, Project Details, File Download Link, Intention to Quote Yes/No and a Link to Upload Quotation.

Please see below an example of Tender Request Email.

1. Intention to Quote Yes/No

  • If you have intent to Quote - click Pricing
  • If you do not want to Quote - click Not Pricing

You will be taken to a new screen to confirm your response.

Responses are captured in real-time to the Builders Tender Register.

2. Download Documents from an Email

When you receive an email from Commnia that contains attachments, you can download the documents by clicking the link directly from the email. See the image below.

You do not need to log in to Commnia to download your documents.

When you click the download button, you are directed to the download screen where you can choose to view or download the documents.
  1. Select Documents or All.
  2. Download all attached Documents.
  3. Only Downloaded Selected Documents.
  4. Click to View the document - will not download.
  5. Click to Download directly by clicking on Document.

    Once you have finished using the document downloading function, close your browser to return to your email.

3. Upload Quote

Once you are ready to submit a Quote, click as per below;

The following screen will appear,

  1. Type your message in the field, This field is Html which means you can copy and paste directly from emails, web pages and images.
  2. Attach files, you can drag and drop or select from your local device.

4. Respond to Email

If you would like to respond directly to Email.

  1. Select Reply.
  2. Type a response in.
  3. Select Send.

When you are responding, please ensure to reply above the line.


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