Outlook Import

Outlook Import

Commnia can store folders and subfolders of your Outlook emails securely to:

  • Help find emails quickly as they are all stored in one centralised location.
  • Reduce the size of your Inbox.
  • Mail service providers often do not store emails after a certain period of time, so importing them ensures they are stored securely with Commnia.
  • Ensure records are kept even if an employee/contact is no longer with the company, especially to protect your company legally - please see below case example;

Presuming employees do the right thing and all correspondence is sent out of Commnia Inbox and replied from the Inbox, however, sometimes there will be project-related emails orphaned, left in outlook.

In the case, your project is subject to litigation and becomes under investigation, there will be a requirement to give lawyers access to your project information, it will be near impossible to give them access to every employee's outlook email account or computers.

Commnia allows you to give access to the Project data and all project-related emails in one centralised location. We have created a folder export tool
Outlook Import to allow for all emails held in any Outlook account to be saved in our archiving system.

It is as simple as conducting a search in Outlook for any email related to a project - by name or project code, move or copy them into a folder to corresponding job code. You can then choose this folder to move all those emails into commnia. They will be archived in Outlook Import section and there is a great search option to help lawyers and barristers find what they need in there so now you can give them access to one project in one central location where all employees emails are in one system.

To see how to import emails to Commnia via Outlook Plugin click here.

1. Access Outlook Import

To view Imported Emails in Commnia click on:

1. Main Menu
2. Search for Imported Outlook Emails
3. Click on the option

You’ll be presented with the imported emails summary screen displaying all emails that have been saved to Commnia using the Microsoft Outlook plugin.  

2. Search/View/Download Imported Emails

  1. The emails can be filtered by using any combination of fields available.  
  2. Each email can be downloaded as a .msg file and viewed in your preferred email application.  

Please note archived emails cannot be deleted by users, to delete emails stored in the archive you must contact Commnia Support team.
This is to ensure no history is deleted without permission.

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