New Transmittal (Email) - For External Users

New Transmittal (Email) - For External Users

This article provides step by step instructions on how to create and send documents with a Transmittal using the Commnia Inbox. We recommend you add documents from the Document Register; however, you can also add your documents from the Commnia Drive and local disk.

1. Accessing the New Transmittal Email

  • Select your project from the dropdown list.
  • From quick add - select the "Document Transmittal" category.

Document Transmittal

2. Select your recipients

If you don't want the "To" recipients to see each other, mark the document as private. You can add your colleagues to "CC" or "BCC"

To select your recipients, start typing in the recipient field.

Note: The list in the recipient field is limited to the Project Contact List.

If the recipient is not added to the project contact list, you may navigate to the Global Contact List, or to another contact group.
To access your contact lists click on the "To", "Cc" or "Bcc" button.

Add Recipients

3. Add your description

  • Enter all the details for the Transmittal.
Add Description

4. Attach your document to the transmittal

With Commnia, you may attach documents from three different sources.

Attach Documents
  1. Document Register
  2. Commnia Drive
  3. Disk (drag and drop)

5. Setup your signature

If you have not setup your signature in Commnia, you can do so now. Here is an article on how to set up your Commnia signature by copying your MS Outlook signature.

6. Send your Transmittal

Congratulation, you're nearly there! Hit the "Send" button to complete the Transmittal.

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