How to Attach a Package to an Email via Document Register

How to Attach a Package to an Email via Document Register

When a document package is created in the document register, users can attach these packages when composing a new email. 

Click here to learn how to create a Package.

1. Access Document Register

Navigate to the menu bar icon and click Document Register under Document Control.

2. Select Packages

The Search bar is located on the main page of the document register.
Navigate to Packages and select the desired package. 

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Document Register Filter.

1. Click on Packages
2. Select a package from the dropdown
3. Click Apply


3. Send Package

Documents displayed will be reflective of your chosen package.
Click the checkbox to select all documents from the package on the left-hand side.

Click Share to select the email category .

Once the chosen email category is selected, the documents would be automatically attached to the email.

When you have entered the necessary information for the email, click Send/Send Privately.

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