Create SmartGrid Rules

Create SmartGrid Rules

The Grid rules are a set of instructions that work with Commnia's SmartGrid to help you automate and send of documents faster and to the right people using intelligent automation.

You can populate the documents and the recipients with the SmartGrid and send the results with Transmittals, Tenders and other Correspondence.

You must be a Commnia Administrator to set up the SmartGrid Rules

1. Navigate to Grid Rules

From the main menu, click on Document Control and from the dropdown menu, select Grid Rules.

2. Create Grid Rules

You can set up the SmartGrid with predefined rules for the system to automatically allocate Documents with Contacts/User Groups.

To learn more about creating a user group click here.

Please refer to the following fields:

Selecting the document criteria

  1. Select the Project.
  2. Prefix refers to the document standard. e.g. Architectural drawings will be A.
  3. Discipline refers to the Discipline of the document, e.g. architectural, electrical, structural.
  4. Document Type refers to what the document is,e.g. drawing, pdf, sketch.
  5.  Progress Status refers to the position the job is in, e.g. pending, discussion, tender, approved.
  6.  Document Status refers to why the document is being uploaded, e.g. Tender, Approval Issue, Discussion.
  7. Selecting the Recipient Criteria, User Groups refers to a group of contacts that belong to the project. Examples of a user group include; Site Team, Design or the most commonly used group is the Project Contact List group.
  8. Trade refers to the field of work, e.g. builder, engineer, fire consultant.

For example;

The rules involve selecting a prefix - If the discipline is Architectural, the Document Type is drawings and the User Groups is the Subcontractors & Design Team any drawings added will automatically be allocated to the subcontractors and design team.

Once you completed the setup for the Grid, you can proceed with applying the rules to your project. You and your team can use the Grid Rules for creating Transmittal, Tenders, Addendum or any other correspondence.

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