Create a New Project

Create a New Project

How to set up, maintain and add users to your projects in Commnia.

Please note that this section is for the Builder and Administrator only.

1. Create a Project

From the main menu, select Projects and click on Create Project.

2. Complete Project Details

  1. Fill in the required information in the Details Tab.

      2.  When you click in the Status section, there will be a pop-up window, select the stage of the project and confirm.

     3. If your project is included in the Commnia contract, click Licence Project

3. Licence Project

  1. Once you have clicked License Project, the following screen will appear for review.
  2. Select the claimer if all details are correct.
  3. Submit.

You will receive an email outlining your new Project License Request as per the below example.

Commnia will review the request to create licensing and send a follow-up email to confirm Project has been successfully licensed.

4. Additional Details

Complete Additional Details Tab with any information you would like recorded for your new Project.

Contract Types has a dropdown selection of a set of contracts that can be applied to Project Type.

5. Scope and Tender Details

Click on Scope to add Scope of Works for the Project.

Click on the Tender Tab to add the Estimator Contact.

The estimator Contact option is a drop-down list of Companies recorded in Commnia, if the Contact/Company is not in the list, click here to see how to add to Commnia directory.

6. Add Users to the Project

Click on the Users tab to manage Users.

Any Contact in this list will be able to access the Project in Commnia. If they are flagged to Receive New Documents, they will be included in document transmittal’s when revisions are updated.

Click on Add Recipients to open the user selection screen.

The Global Contact List will pop up, you can filter by advanced search options. For example, you can narrow down the list by Job to give you a contact list of all those involved in a particular job, Trades, painters, electricians etc.

To add these contacts to the new project, click the checkbox next to each name and click Add Selected Users.

7. Settings

You can specify Project-specific settings under the Settings tab.

  1. Conditions/Rules for Document Send Outs - View / Configure, this will take you to the projects Document Register/Grid Rules. This is where you can configure the automated distribution rules. eg I could specify that all Electrical Drawings need to be sent to the Electrician trade group & my Project Site Team user group.
  2. You also have the option to disable any Site Manager email notifications. If you disable this option, you will need to manually email a summary report of all defects by the company to ensure that they are addressed.
  3. Enable this option if you would like email notifications to be sent out when documents are approved or rejected in the document register. If you disable, you can still send email notifications via manual selection.
  4. Manage Document Controller Authorisation.
  5. Add Extension of Time Recipient Company.

For further information on the Document Register Distributions Rules, please refer to the Smart Grid Rules.

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