Upload Defects to Site Manager with MS Excel

Upload Defects to Site Manager with MS Excel

If you have received Defects in an excel sheet you can import the defects into Commnia's Site Manager 

1. Via Site Manager click on Import From Excel

2. Download Excel Template 

The template can be opened by clicking on the file at the bottom of your screen.

Complete the Template as per the below example and save it to your preferred location.

  1. Date format is dd/mm/yyyy
  2. Please note associated photos cannot be attached via Excel Upload.
  3. Except for assigned to company all other fields are required.

3. Upload Completed Excel Sheet 

Click on Choose File

The assigned By field will automatically be populated as the user who is uploading the file.

Any error in the excel sheet will be highlighted in red with the reason outlined.

If there are errors, you will need to Clear All - fix the error in the excel sheet and re-upload.

4. Create Defects

Click on Create Defects.

The append to Description option is available if you would like to add general text at the very end of the description for each defect.

You will be prompted to confirm the project you are creating the defects in.

The defects will now have a green tick to confirm the successful upload.

The defects are now added to the Defect List.

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