Update My Commnia Profile | Personal Details

Update My Commnia Profile | Personal Details

My Profile allows a user to view and update their personal information.
From the Commnia Login page, click on Ellipsis Button and select My Profile.

A new page will open with your profile card.

1. You can add a photo or logo to your profile by clicking on the pen icon and select an image from your device to save it as a profile picture.

2. Edit Personal Details, to edit your personal details such as First and Last Name, Office Number and Position, simply make your changes directly in the field you wish to update.

3. To update your email account, click on Change.  

A new page will open you will need to enter the new email address twice. A confirmation box will pop up. Click Yes.

Comnnia will send an email to your new email account, as well as the old email address to verify the change is authorised,

New Verification Email Example;
Click Approve to accept email change.

4. Add or change mobile number 

There is a verification process once you enter a mobile number.  A commnia pin will be sent as a text, add this pin to verify your contact number.

5. Update Signature for Commnia emails

You can copy and paste your email signature from your email client, such as Outlook, to your Commnia email. For best results, copy and paste images separately to any text, then click Save.

After you have entered information and made your changes to your profile, click Save.
Please note:  Due to security and authorisation purposes, only a user itself is authorised to make changes to their profile.

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