SmartGid Rules - Copy Rules from Other Project

SmartGid Rules - Copy Rules from Other Project

You can set up the SmartGrid with predefined rules for the system to automatically allocate documents to User Groups, however, to save you the time of setting them up from scratch you are able to copy rules from a different project. 

You must be a Commnia Administrator to set up the SmartGrid Rules.

1. Navigate to Grid Rules

From the main menu, click on Document Control and from the dropdown menu, select Grid Rules.

Grid Rules

2. Copy Grid Rules 

  1. Select the Project that you want to copy the rules from. 
  2. Select the project to copy the selected rules. In this example I want to copy the rules from Project AJR001 - Sheffield School Farm to C001 - Hillford Apartments.
  3. Select the rules you want to copy by clicking on each checkbox. You can select all by clicking the All button in the column header.
  4. Click on Copy to copy the document matrix rules to the other project.

Copy Rules

Once you have copied the rules, you can now proceed with applying the rules to the new project. You and your team can use the Grid Rules for creating Transmittal, Tenders, Addendum or any other correspondence.

3. Edit Copied SmartGrid Rules 

You may also edit the rules that have been copied over, i.e., add /remove groups, document types etc.

Simply select your project, and access Grid Rules via Document Control. The rules copied will be displayed in the table.

Edit Rules

  1. To edit, click on the pencil icon. the template will be activated. 
  2. To remove a rule click on the x
  3. To add more rules simply click in the panel and make your selection from the list.
  4. Click Save.

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