How to create and edit custom meeting minutes with Commnia

Meeting Minutes- Create Custom Types and Sections

Meeting agendas can be set to stay on track during meetings and organise the meeting minutes accordingly.

1. Navigating to Meeting Templates

From the main menu click Communication from the drop-down list, click on Meeting Templates.

You can also access Meeting Templates from the Control Panel.

2. Create New Meeting Type

  1. To create a New Meeting Type, click New.
  2.  Add the Title of your Meeting Type and Save.
  3. You can add sections by simply filling in the blank template and adding sections.

3. Edit Meeting Sections

To edit/add a section to a Meeting Type click on View Section.

1. You are able to add numbers to order the sections/headings. Click Save once you are happy with the changes and the sections will be displayed in their correct order.
2. To overwrite/edit existing text simply click in the description box and 
3. To delete a section from the meeting, click on the Delete icon.
4. To add a section, click on Add Section and a blank row will appear for you to fill in details.
5. Once you are happy with the changes, click Save.

4. Edit /Delete Meeting Templates

To delete , click on the appropriate checkbox and click the Trash icon.

To edit the title/description of the selected Meeting Type, click Edit.

5. Export the outline of the meeting types to excel, click on Export to Excel.

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