Mark Up Drawings via Document Register | Mobile

Mark Up Drawings via Document Register | Mobile

You can use the Markups toolbar in Commnia to create different types of markups directly in a document and share via transmittal or add to a Defect.

Users can take notes, make comments, highlight, add shapes, apply freehand ink drawings, add signature and stamps.

Markup Tool Introduction

When you click on view/ markup option for a document.

The View Screen will appear by default.

  1. Click on the arrow and choose from the dropdown menu for markup tool options.
  2. You can send a document with markups via Transmittal or Add to Defect which will open a new defect form with the document attached.
  3. Access to additional settings tool, search for words ( case sensitive or whole word), search for comments, screen view settings, download or print.


The annotation toolbar allows the user to easily switch tools when adding annotations to a document. 

In the Markup toolbar Select Annotate.

  1. Click the arrow to slide through the toolbar.
  2. Undo or redo markings.
  3. Erase markings.
  4. Customise tool colour, i.e. highlighter colour.


  1. In the Markup toolbar and Select Shapes.
  2. Click the arrow to slide through the toolbar and select your shape.
  3. To adjust the shape, move the shape and drag across anywhere on the document.
  4. Change the outline colour, tap a colour in the colour picker.
  5. Select the colour of the shape.
  6. Change Opacity by dragging the bar.
  7. Adjust the thickness of the outline of the shape.
  8. The style options are solid or cloudy (squiggly outline).
  • The Rectangle tool, the Oval tool, the Arrow tool, and the Line tool let you create simple shapes.
  • The Cloud tool and Polygon tool create closed shapes with multiple segments.
  • The Polygon Line tool creates open shapes with multiple segments.



You can implement digital signatures onto a document.

  • Select Insert from the dropdown menu
  • Click on the signature icon from the menu bar.

Draw, use your finger or stylus to sign your name in the text box, you can select the colour of your signature by touching one of the colour options. Click Create.

Simply type in the text box and click Create.

You can choose to upload an image/signature from your phone's gallery. Click Create. (Drag & Drop option is only available on desktop).

 Add Stamp

Click the stamp button.

You can make a selection from the Standard Menu, scroll down to see the full list.

Create a Custom Stamp, select the information you would like on the stamp, username, date and time, additionally, you can add custom stamp by typing in the text box.


Click on the paperclip icon, then click in the PDF where you want to place attachment, the attachment options will appear, you can add photos from your device, files, add an audio comment or video.

Callout Text Box

  • Callout text boxes are especially useful when you want to single out—but not obscure—a particular area of a document.
  • Move the crosshair to where you want the callout to point.
  • Drag in your document to insert the shape into the page. As with any image that you insert into the document, you can use the sizing handles to resize the shape. Click on the shape, and type the desired text.
  • You can change the outline by clicking on the colour picker.
  • If you need to edit the text box, click on the text box and editing menu will appear including adding a link, deleting the callout, editing text or add fill colour in the box.

Add Image

Click on the Image/Picture icon, then click in the PDF where you want to place attachment.

Your phone gallery will open, select your picture(s) and click done.

You can move or resize the image by clicking on the image and dragging the sides.

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