Getting Started with the Commnia App

Getting Started with the Commnia App

The Commnia App is the most convenient platform for users to monitor projects, complete tasks and communicate through our construction management software.
It is compatible for Apple (iPhone & iPad) / Android users and can be downloaded from their respective marketplaces.

Commnia App on your Apple/IOS device     

 Click here to access the IOS app

Commnia App on your Android device

Click here to access the Android app

Once the installation process is complete, the Nia icon will be added to your home screen

Accessing your account

This section will cover the authentication process to retrieve the home screen on the Commnia App.

1. Once you launch the Commnia App, you will be introduced to our user authentication screen
2. Enter your log-in details (Email and Password)
If you cannot remember your password, click on the Forgot Password Link to create a new password.

3. Select your company

4. Select a Project - You can either search or manually scroll to select a project
5. Welcome to the project Home Screen!

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