How to Sign Out Site Visitors via Site Diary

How to Sign Out Site Visitors via Site Diary

To Sign Out visitors that checked in to the Site using Commnia QR Code, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the menu bar icon and click Site Diary under Quality + Safety. 

2. Select the site diary entry from the list - to narrow the scope of a search you can use the filter options available.

3. Click on Sign- On History Tab to see the list of visitors.

  1. Select the Users you'd like to modify by clicking on the relative checkbox or clicking on the select all checkbox.
  2. Click on the Sign Out button.
  3. From here you can manually update any of the fields.
  4. Click Sign Out Selected to update Site Diary.

4. To mass update, select users/select all and click on Sign Out.

In this case, we will update the sign out time for all site visitors to 6:00 pm.

  1. In the Time section, enter the sign out time of 6:00 pm and click Copy to Selected.
  2. Select All 
  3. Copy to Selected.
  4. Click on Sign Out Selected to update the Site Diary.

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