How to activate your project licence when you get an Expired Project Notification

How to activate your project license when you get an Expired Project Notification

You will notice an expired status when you use the project drop-down menu, when you select the project it will have a pop-up notice advising you that your license has expired and requires activation.

1. The stage of the project will be auto selected based on the last saved status -  Design, Tendering, Construction and Maintenance. 
2. Start Date will be auto filled -  Enter the End Date for your project.
3. Click Submit.

Click on the checkbox to acknowledge the project licence details are correct.
Click Submit.
You will get a notification that project has been been successfully.

Alternatively to activate your project license via Project Register, follow the below steps;

1. Navigate to the menu bar icon and click Project Register under Operations.
2. List of your projects will be displayed, select the relevant project by clicking on the project name or code
3. Update the access end date accordingly and click Save and Update Licence.
4. To acknowledge that the project details are up to date and correct click in the checkbox for confirmation.

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