Document Register | Mobile

Document Register | Mobile

Document control made easy. Commnia's' document register is the central repository of project-related documents with the added feature of document revision control; assisting you with ensuring all relevant project teams are working from the most recent revision.

1. How to access Document Register

From the main menu, click on Document Register.

You can also click on the Register icon at the bottom of the app from any screen you are in .

2. Document Register Filters

  1. As a default, documents are Categorised by Discipline, i.e Architectural, Electrical etc. Click on a discipline to view the list of current documents.
  2. Advanced Search Option to filter document list.

3. Document List

The Document List displays a list of all documents that have been uploaded to the register.

  1. Search by any keyword, click in the text box and enter the search terms to filter the list of documents.
  2. List of Document Details including revision date, doc number and title.
  3. Click on Select Files to select documents. A checkbox will appear next to each file, you can select all or select individual files to action
  4. The Document Register is also a place where you can Manage the Documents including downloading, modifying (view and markup), view document history and sharing of documents.
  5. Status of the document, accepted, rejected, pending for approval etc.
  6. Document Type icon i.e pdf, Jpeg, png etc.

4. Advanced Search

You can multi-select filter options to find a file.

  1. You can select to view all documents in the Current Register or the Latest Revisions.
  2. My Documents will display a list of documents that you have uploaded to the register.
  3. Deleted shows all documents that have been deleted from the register.
  4. The Letter of Intent will display all documents that have been added to the letter of intent register.
  5. There are multiple Date Filters available based on either the Revision Date or Accepted Date.
  6. Revision, you can also filter by using keyword searches of the Document Revision and Reason. Click in the text box and enter the search terms to filter the list of documents.
  7. Discipline i.e Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical
  8. Commnia Document Register allows for the management for all Document Types. Some of the document types include; Drawings (PDF), DWG, Reports, Specifications etc.
  9. Status i.e DA Approval, Tender, CC Issue.
  10. Upload Status is also known as the Document Register Status. Documents are uploaded to the Pending Register waiting to be accepted or rejected by the Document Controller. (Documents uploaded by non-document controllers, do not have access to the Accepted or Rejected Status).
  11. Once you have selected filter options-click Apply to see the list of documents that match your filters.

5. Manage the Documents

1. Download

The download feature will download the document to your phone.

iPhone Download

Depending on the file type you will be able to view and download, or just download.

Once you click download, the file will be available by clicking the download icon (downward arrow) alternatively you can find it in your Downloads folder on your phone.

Android Download

Once you click Download, Android Phone will open file for viewing, you can use the menu to download, save to Drive, markup and share.

Once downloaded you can find almost all of the files on your smartphone in the My Files app. By default, this will appear in the folder named Samsung.

If you are having trouble finding the My Files apps, try using the search bar at the top of the screen.

2. Send Files

You can send the selected documents via a Transmittal, RFI or Email. Click on the prefered option and it will open a new screen to compose your email.

3. View/Markup

You can perform multiple functions;

  • Add to Defect will open a new defect form with the file attached.
  • Send with Transmittal will open a new screen with the file attached to compose your email.
  • The Download function is also enabled in this feature.
  • You can Print the file from a printer that is connected to your phone.
  • Mark Up, project users can create annotations, text comments, draw, add shapes and signature and distribute updated documents to the entire project team in a matter of minutes. To learn more about using the markup tool click here.

4. Document Details

List of all information recorded on the file. The details are fields used to identify and filter documents.

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