Commnia Inbox | Mobile Overview

Commnia Inbox | Mobile Overview

Commnia Inbox has been designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate.

Inspired by Outlook, the new way to manage all your company and project-related communication.

1. Overview

All communications are stored within a single repository giving you complete transparency of your project.

  1. Filter by Inbox/Sent/Draft/Outbox Folders.
  2. Filter by Document Categories.
  3. Search for an email by any keyword.
  4. Sort and Advanced Search Options.

2. Inbox/Sent/Draft/Outbox Folders

Switch between your Inbox, Sent, Draft, and Outbox folders easily.

3. Filter Inbox

Click on All Categories to filter your Inbox results.

Every email message is classified under a document category to make it easier to find important project information.

  1. You can search for a category by typing a keyword in the search box.
  2. Select Category by clicking on the checkbox, you can select multiple categories.

The Advanced Search Filter will open a screen where you can then narrow down your search. Once you have made a selection of filters, click Apply.

As with any advanced-type search, the more information you include, the more narrow your results.

4. View Emails

Select an email to open it up.

The email you selected will appear with all relevant information and history.

The paperclip icon details the number of attachments within the email and the source of where the documents were attached.

You have the ability to view each document, download one or multiple documents.

To download all documents, click on the download icon as per the below example.

  1. If you want to view documents, click on the arrow icon to see files.

2. Click on the file icon to Preview File. You can download, print, forward file, or markup files from here.

3. If you click on the Information Icon, the following screen will pop up, it will detail all file attributes and you can download the file by clicking on the download icon.

5. Responding/Forwarding

You are able to reply, reply all, and forward like regular mail service, however, Commnia Inbox gives you the ability to forward emails as part of the conversation, or as a new email (thread/conversation).

  • To keep what you are forwarding in the same topic, click on Forward + Add to Existing Thread.
  • To forward as a completely new email, and start a new topic, click on Forward + Create New Thread.

6. Conversation Trail

A conversation trail is displayed allowing you to complete transparency of the communication. This means that you can trace back a delay notice all the way back to the original RFI. 

The following will appear. Click on any item to open the email up.

7. Other Email Options

There are other email options available by clicking on the Menu icon which will display the following.

  1. New Task will show a dialogue box where you can assign a task to a contact within the project from the email.
  2. Print Email will convert the email to a print-friendly PDF document.
  3. Close Topic will change the status of the email to closed.  Closing topics are category-specific, so if there is more than one category as part of the conversation (e.g. RFI and a Delay Notice), closing one topic will not impact another if it is from a different category.

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